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Defense in Depth

Aug 19, 2021

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You've just joined a company as CISO, what's the very first step you would take to improve the security posture of your new company?

Check out this post for the basis for our conversation on this week’s episode which features me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series, co-host Steve Zalewski, and our guest Olivia Rose, vp of IT and security, Amplitude.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Proofpoint

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Proofpoint

Sixty six percent of CISOs feel their organization is unprepared to handle a cyberattack and 58% consider human error to be their biggest cyber vulnerability. Proofpoint's 2021 Voice of the CISO report explores key challenges facing CISOs after an unprecedented twelve months. Get the report.

In this episode:

  • How can new CISOs fast-track their learning process to make better decisions sooner?
  • How much does the CISO need to know about the environment before they start pentesting?
  • Using a " Power Interest Matrix" to help manage the people who influence your work
  • Why aligning with HR is a key move