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Defense in Depth

May 13, 2021

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Do cybersecurity professionals even know what they're protecting? How aware are they of the data, its content and its sensitivity? What happens to your security posture when you do understand the data you're protecting? What can you do that you weren't able to do before?

Check out this post for the basis for our conversation on this week’s episode which features me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series, and Steve Zalewski, CISO, Levi Strauss, with our sponsored guest, Aidan Simister (@aidansimister), CEO, Lepide.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Lepide


Ninety eight percent of all threats start with Active Directory and nearly always involve the compromise of data stored on enterprise data stores. Lepide’s unique combination of detailed auditing, anomaly detection, real time alerting, and real time data discovery and classification allows you to identify, prioritize and investigate threats – fast.

In this episode:

  • How much do you know about the data you are being asked to protect?
  • Equating the value of the data to be protected with the cost of protection
  • How to find out how data is being used
  • Moving beyond the bare minimum of protection