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Defense in Depth

Mar 17, 2022

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"If you want to catch a cybercrook, you need to think like one." But how do you actually go about thinking like a cybercriminal? What's the actual process?

Check out this post and this post for the discussions that are the basis of our conversation on this week’s episode co-hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), the producer of CISO Series, and Geoff Belknap (@geoffbelknap), CISO, LinkedIn.

Our guest is Brian Brushwood (@shwood), creator of Scam School and World's Greatest Con. Plus he's launched multiple channels with millions of subscribers and multiple number one comedy albums. Plus, he's a touring magician. He's our first non-cyber professional guest, but he is so perfect for this episode.

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In this episode:

  • How much does actively thinking like a crook help build your cyber defenses?
  • How do you actually go about thinking like a cybercriminal
  • How do you break down their process?