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Defense in Depth

Aug 26, 2021

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For four years in a row, Verizon's DBIR, has touted compromised credentials as the top cause of data breaches. That means bad people are getting in yet appearing to be legitimate users. What are these malignant users doing inside our network? What are the techniques to both understand and allow for good yet thwart bad lateral movement?

Check out this post for the basis for our conversation on this week’s episode which features me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series, co-host Steve Zalewski, and our sponsored guest Sandy Wenzel (@malwaremama), cybersecurity transformation engineer, VMware.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, VMware

Thanks to our sponsor, VMware

In this episode: 

  • Why are bad people getting inside our networks?
  • Can machine learning help find them?
  • How can we separate lateral movement from credential stuffing?
  • Would using threat modeling and going passwordless help?