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Defense in Depth

Mar 3, 2022

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Offensive security or "hacking back" has always been seen as either unethical or illegal. But now, we're seeing a resurgence in offensive security solutions. Are we redefining the term, or are companies now "hacking back?"

Check out this post for the discussion that is the basis of our conversation on this week’s episode co-hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), the producer of CISO Series, and Steve Zalewski. Our guest is Eric Hussey, CISO, Aptiv.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Varonis

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Varonis

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In this episode:

  • Has the definition of offensive security changed?
  • Can we truly fight back without legal repercussions?
  • How does it apply when hackers hide behind proxies?
  • Is hacking back even worth it?