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Defense in Depth

Feb 17, 2022

All links and images for this episode can be found on CISO Series

How do you begin building a cyber security culture for the whole company? And more importantly, how do you maintain that?

Check out this post for the discussion that is the basis of our conversation on this week’s episode co-hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), the producer of CISO Series, and Geoff Belknap (@geoffbelknap), CISO, LinkedIn. Our guest is Mike Hanley (@_mph4), CSO, GitHub.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Anjuna

Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Anjuna

Anjuna Confidential Cloud software effortlessly enables enterprises to safely run even their most sensitive workloads in the public cloud. Unlike complex perimeter security solutions easily breached by insiders and malicious code, Anjuna leverages the strongest secure computing technologies available to make the public cloud the most secure computing resource anywhere.

In this episode:

  • When building a cybersecurity culture, where is the most important place to start?
  • How can we avoid it just becoming "lip service"?
  • How can we blend cybersecurity culture into the main corporate culture?